Improving health outcomes through SDOH

Our work, home, education and relationships, have a significant influence on our health. And yet, traditional healthcare models have focused primarily on clinical care. We believe it's time to change that.

The US Healthcare System is Broken

Americans spend more than other developed countries on healthcare...





Source: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, January 2019

...and achieve poorer health outcomes (for example, when measured by life expectancy).

78.8 years


81.7 years


Source: American Medical Association, March 2018

Improving Clinical Care Isn't Enough

Clinical care has limited influence on health outcomes.
Social determinants of health(SDOH) have 4X more influence on health outcomes!


clinical care's influence on health outcomes

Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2016


reduction in first year baby costs through SDOH

Source: PCCI Preterm Birth Program, 2019

addressing SDOH can deliver transformational results

We are starting to see transformational results in health outcomes and costs when a network of community partners work together to address SDOH.

Our expertise

A deep understanding of healthcare

Over the last two decades, we built a clinical care coordination platform, rolled it out to more than two million patients across the US before it was acquired by a subsidiary of HCSC, the largest customer-owned health plan with over $60B in revenues. From HIPAA to STAR ratings to ICD codes, we understand how healthcare works.

Experience building a national network of community partners

We've worked with 100K+ volunteer teams and partnered with thousands of community organizations across the US. We know what it takes to build a community network that extends beyond typical clinical care providers.

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